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Varroa Easy Check

Varroa Easy Check

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The Varroa Easy Check is a MUST HAVE piece of equipment to monitor varroa mite loads in a colony. Accurate mite washes have never been easier. With its unique perforated wash basket, varroa mites are easily removed from the bees and can be easily viewed and counted WITHOUT taking the basket out. The wash basket has 2 easy to read lines (top line 300, bottom line 200) to accurately calculate your bee sample. 

Test Method:

Dawn Ultra Dish Soap 1-1/2 TBS per Gallon or 91% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Testing:

- Varroa Easy Check Mite Cup filled 1/3

-Shaken/swirled for 1 min -Rested for 1 min,

-shaken/swirled for 1 more minute,

-rest for 1 minute -followed by mite count.

-count the dead bees in the sample

-divide dead bee count by mite count to get %.

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