The Learning Yard is a HANDS ON place to LEARN, SHARE and FELLOWSHIP with other like minded BEEKEEPERS. Whether your goals are getting off to a good start, making honey or making bees, The Learning Yard is here for YOU! We meet YOU wherever YOU'RE at in YOUR beekeeping journey. No politics, No judging, No non-sense. 

It's not just about BEEKEEPING...It's about being our BROTHERS KEEPER. The Learning Yard is FREE for

  • MILITARY VETERANS and their spouses
  • NUC & PACKAGE customers.


-Our BEE FOLKS get together every other Sat for the entire beekeeping season for HANDS ON LEARNING timed with the season.

SOME of the topics covered:

  • Hive Installation
  • Bee Installation
  • Feeding
  • Adding boxes and frames
  • Making, Extracting & BOTTLING Honey
  • Making Splits
  • WHY, WHEN and HOW to TREAT bees for pests and maintain optimal performance.
  • Winterization

-Once a part of The Learning Yard we are only a phone call or text away from answering your questions throughout the year! We're here to support you and help you be successful.

-Our BEE FOLKS have access to our store front for special pricing and discounts on products not available anywhere else.

-First dibs on QUEENS throughout the season.



Military Veteran & spouse's or those enrolled in the Hives For Heroes program, shoot us an email at for more info.

If you'd like to join The Learning Yard visit our BEES tab to purchase your NUC or PACKAGE. 

Like the honey be is to the hive, we're better together! Looking forward to seeing you at The Learning Yard!

For more on the Learning Yard, visit our YouTube Channel!