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5 Frame Nuc


5 Frame Nuc

Gentle, Diverse, Prolific.


3lb Package Bees


3lb Package Bees

Gentle Bees, Diverse Genetics. April 2022.

Queen Bee


Carniolian x Caucasion x  Italian Mutt Genetics. Gentle & Prolific. 

Bucket Feeder Plugs


2″ Plug for Bucket Feeder Lids. Free Shipping.

1 Gallon Bucket Feeder


1 Gallon Bucket Feeder
Works great for 1:1, 2:1, Prosweet and Fructose

No Shipping.

Adjustable Hole Saw


Adjustable Hole Saw for cutting perfect holes in the lids of bucket feeders. Easily adjustable, dual cutting heads allow for precise hole cutting of bucket lids ensuring a good tight fit for feeder plugs. Best if used with a drill press. FREE SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: With the use of the included hex key, simply loosen the cutting heads and adjust so…

Entrance Dials


3 Way Entrance Dial. Mounting hardware included. FREE SHIPPING

Queen Marking Pen


Competitive Advantage Queen Marking Pens. FREE SHIPPING

Comfrey Bocking 4


Comfrey-Bocking 4  Symphytum Uplandica While highly regarded for its medicinal value, this highly ornamental plant is an incredible resource to have onsite.  Comfrey is one of the highest producers of vegetable protein on earth making it a wonderful livestock. Of Bocking 4 and 14, 4 is typically more sought after for its medicinal and livestock fodder uses. Zones 3 to…


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