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Hive Alive Fondant Case/15

Hive Alive Fondant Case/15

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*Sold by the case. Each Case contains 15-2.2lb Fondant Patties. 

 Why Choose HiveAlive Fondant?

The HiveAlive Fondant Patty is a premium product sold in 1kg/2.2lbs pouches with the correct dosage of HiveAlive liquid added as well as an optimised blend of vitamins & amino acids chosen for bee health. It is available in sealed 1kg/2.2lbs pouches. Long shelf life, 2 years from date of manufacture.


When to feed HiveAlive Fondant

Fondant can be fed anytime of the year when supers are not on but is mainly used over winter and in spring when too cold to feed syrup.

Key feeding times are over winter to prevent starvation when there isn’t enough food or the bees are clustered too far away from their stores and in spring when bees are running out of stores or need a boost to get build them up for the year ahead.


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