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Double Screen Board

Double Screen Board

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Our 10 Frame Double Screen Boards are one of the most under utilized and most versatile pieces of beekeeping equipment EVER! They are a MUST HAVE for every beekeeper. Built form a very DURABLE HDO ply with painted edges, these Double Screen Boards are BUILT TO LAST


Double screen boards make SPLITTING a colony SUPER EASY! Just slide a double screen board between two 10 frame deep boxes. Come back in a few days and see which box is making queen cells. After knocking the queen cells down you can add a queen to the queenless box without shuffling boxes, frames or moving the colony!


We LOVE double screen board for use in a Queenless Starter/Queen Right Finisher setup!


Double Screen boards are GREAT for over wintering smaller colonies by placing the smaller colony over the double screen board and on top of a larger colony. Face the entrance of the double screen in the opposite direction as the larger colony. The heat from the larger colony helps keep the smaller colony warm!



Double Screen Boards can also serve as a partially ventilated bottom board with a reduced entrance!

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