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Queen Right Dial Status Indicator 2.0

Queen Right Dial Status Indicator 2.0

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Tired of painting/marking bricks or pealing faded tape on your hives, losing your last queen status

The QueenRightDial - Status Indicator 2.0 was created by beekeepers for beekeepers to help provide a simple tool to flag your queen status using a dial affixed to the surface of your hive body or lid. Then after inspecting your colony turn the dial to reflect the status of your queen

Comes in three(3) parts, Duel Base plate, 2 - Dial Plates. Along with the proprietary tracking decals. Status Indicator 2.0 decal, Queen Age decal, and center action decal. We also include 2 screws with every dial to affix the dial to your hive body or lid

Dial one - Queen Status
GREEN - Mated Queen Active and present
YELLOW - Virgin Queen identified and present
BLUE - Swarm Cells present
PURPLE - Supersedure Queen Cells present
RED - No Queen / No Cells present

Dial two - Queen Age (What year was she mated)
0 or 5 / Blue = Year ending in 0 or 5
1 or 6 / White= Year ending in 1 or 6
2 or 7 / Yellow = Year ending in 2 or 7
3 or 8 / Red= Year ending in 3 or 8
4 or 9 / Green = Year ending in 4 or 9

Center action strip
Actions I = Inspect, F = Feed, T = Treat
with a spot to check the box with a dry erase marker as to the next action needed and write the date in the provided space for your reference

The decals used in this product are water and fade resistant.

This includes QueenRightDial - Status Indicator 2.0 dial sets with installation screws


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