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HiveAlive Pollen Patties 15% REAL USA POLLEN

HiveAlive Pollen Patties 15% REAL USA POLLEN

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The best commercial available pollen patty on the market just got BETTER!!

Sold as a case (10-1lb patties)

Partnering with Global Patties, the NEW HiveAlive Pollen Patties are a high performance PREMIUM pollen patty with 15% US pollen, HiveAlive liquid and added seaweed nutrients. All natural. No animal protein.


• 15% real USA pollen, 15.5% total protein.

• All the benefits of HiveAlive in a high concentration (1 tsp per patty).

• Very fast consumption rate.

• Additional seaweed extracts with concentrated micro nutrients for extra nutritional value.

• Complete range of essential amino acids, trace minerals & vitamins required for brood rearing & healthy colonies.

• Studies have shown that HiveAlive increases brood & honey production.

• HiveAlive improves intestinal wellbeing.


Available in a case of 10 x 1lb patties.

Limited availability, order now while stocks last.


Why choose HiveAlive Pollen Patties: 

Seaweed nutrients and HiveAlive are incorporated to further boost colony productivity and health.

  • HiveAlive pollen patties have a very fast consumption rate, which means they are ideal for use in regions where the small hive beetle is present.

When to feed HiveAlive Pollen Patties: Pollen patties can be fed whenever you want to increase brood, productivity and ensure strong colonies, in particular when there is a shortage of pollen. For optimal results, ensure there is a carbohydrate source when feeding pollen patties such as nectar or sugar syrup (for optimal results, add HiveAlive to sugar syrup).

Method of application: Gently smoke the bees down and place patty directly over frames as close to brood as possible. Ensure side with perforated paper is placed down so that bees have access to patty through the holes underneath. Repeat as needed.

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