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Entrance Dials

Entrance Dials

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3 Way Entrance Dial. Mounting hardware included.


Entrance dials are a fantastic way to manage the flow of traffic at the entrance. Dials have 3 settings, allowing for complete control.



Allows for full traffic or slightly rotate the dial to choke down the entrance in times of robbing.


Quickly and easily close up a hive to make a split, move to a new yard or to ventilate boxes.


Used to keep flighty queens from swarming.


Dials come in an assortment of colors which improves bee orientation and queen return flights. Mounting screws included.

To install, simply drill out a 1" opening in the lower portion of a box with a hole saw or Forstner bit (not included) and attach dial with included screw. Tighten/loosen screw to desired setting for secure, yet easy rotation.

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