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10 Frame Dual Feeder

10 Frame Dual Feeder

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Apimaye 10 Frame Dual Feeder

  • New one piece feeder design for 10 frame hives
  • Can feed fondant and up to 4 liters (~1.1 Gallons) of syrup at the same time
  • Transparent top reservoir cover to see the liquid levels
  • Easier access to fondant or pollen patties for the bees and beekeepers!

Product Notes

  • Feed selector caps are now permanently attached. 

  • Additional center covers available for sale for hot swapping homemade dry feed.

  • The dual feeder is designed to fit under the regular telescopic top cover and we have tested it with a few telescopic covers from different vendors we've seen in conventions. However it should be noted that different manufacturers may have different tolerances which may result in tight fit or some shaving of the top covers from inside. It should also be noted that this top feeder sits on top of the hive body, and the top cover will only be covering the feeder. Used top covers, especially if they are warped may have issues properly fitting.
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