After living in the city and away from our roots, we packed up our family and moved out to begin living a more resilient, homesteading life on the land. Our mission is to teach and learn meaningful life skills alongside our 7 children and to continue the tradition of passing down the old ways.

Beekeeping was a natural fit with this kind of lifestyle and as a family we’ve grown our beekeeping passion into a business where we provide high quality Bees & Supplies to beekeepers across the country. We are passionate about helping folks get off to a good start thru mentoring, teaching and passing down the old time ways of beekeeping.

We believe that Nature is the best teacher. Farming in Nature’s Image allows us to care for the land and ourselves in a sustainable manner for generations to come. We hope you’ll join us in this journey in living a simple life full of Joy and Happiness.

-Greg & Susan Burns