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Wax Dipped Hive Kit

Wax Dipped Hive Kit

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Wax Dipped Hive Kit.

Everything you need to get the bees off to a great start! Our 10 frame complete hive kits are wax dipped, offering years of beautiful service without the fuss. No more painting boxes, assembling frames or wiring foundation! Our Wax Dipped Hive Kits come loaded with preassembled frames and Premier Extra Heavy Wax Foundation. In our trials, our bees choose Premier Extra Heavy Wax foundation over other leading brands. The Bees love it and we do too!


With our Wax Dipped Hive Kits, feeding the bees has never been more easy! No need to open the hive to feed. Mix up your feed in the supplied Nature's Image Farm Feeder Bucket, secure the bucket lid and place over our Telescoping Feeding Lid and you're good to go! With the supplied Bucket Feeder Plugs, you can adjust the flow rate of your feed to suit the bees needs. You can also easily feed the bees by placing the bucket feeder directly over the supplied inner cover and enclose with an extra deep box and lid.


Our Wax Dipped Hive Kits are perfect for the beginner beekeeper and sideline beekeeper alike. Our hive kits offer flexible growth options as you and your bees grow!

Have a booming hive that needs more room? We are stocked with boxes, frames, foundation and equipment to keep hive your growing!


Whats Included:

2 - Wax Dipped Deep Boxes

20 - Assembled Deep Frames w Premier Extra Heavy Wax Foundation

1 - Wax Dipped Medium Box

10 - Assembled Medium Frames w Premier Extra Heavy Wax Foundation

1 - Wax Dipped Solid Bottom Board w Entrance Reducer

1 - Telescoping Feeding Lid

1 - Inner Cover

1 - 1 Gallon Bucket Feeder


Made in the USA, right here in Zanesville, OH!

Hive Kits are for pickup only at Nature's Image Farm Zanesville, OH. 

For more info on how we use the Nature's Image Farm Bucket Feeder and Feeding Lids see our video below:


*FREE Hands on Learning with every Bee order! With the purchase of a Nuc or Package you will be able to join THE LEARNING YARD at Nature's Image Farm for an amazing HANDS ON learning opportunity ALL season long.

We'll be here every step of the way to make sure you get off to a good start and reach your goals. 

You'll also have access to special pricing and availability on equipment and supplies not found any where else. 

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