3lb Package Bees

3lb Package Bees



3lb Package Bees

Gentle Bees, Diverse Genetics. April 2022.


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3lb Package Bees with mated, unmarked queen. Gentle, Diverse Genetics.


Package Bee Pickup in Ohio at Nature’s Image Farm in Zanesville, OH on 4/11-4/12 and 4/24-4/26

OR on our delivery route across Ohio  4/24-4/26.


We will be personally delivering to the areas below at the end of April. Once we get closer to April, we will update our customers with specific addresses, pickup times and will keep them updated along the route. Customers must be flexible and able to meet at drop locations along the below route. Further details and updates will be provided as they become available. Payment is required in full. No refunds.

Extra Queens will be available while supplies last. Queens available for package route customers only. If interested, please select the “Package Route Pickup” option in the Queen Bee product drop down menu.

2022 April Package Route Delivery Locations 

1st Route: *SOLD OUT*

Zanesville, OH Nature’s Image Farm 4/11-4/12


2nd Route: *SOLD OUT*

Florence/Cincinnati, OH 4/24

Columbus, OH 4/24

Cleveland, OH 4/24

Zanesville, OH Nature’s Image Farm 4/24-26

Additional information

Pickup Location

OH, Zanesville 4/11-12, OH, Cinci 4/24, OH, Columbus 4/24, OH, Findlay 4/24, OH, Toledo 4/24, OH, Cleveland 4/24, OH, Zanesville 4/25-26


  1. Kathy Oliver

    I bought 2 packages of the FatBeeMan’s stock of bees from Nature’s Image Farm, last May 2019. As a 4 year beekeeper, I had purchased honey bees from several other different sources thru the years and I had already lost most of my hives each winter before now. The bees I bought from Nature’s Image Farm have been easy to work with. They fly in temps in the high 40’s, vers others that I’ve had that did not fly unless it was almost 60 degrees… so they seemed to be better at building up stores for winter. They built up fast last summer and had really good stores of honey. I split them mid-July and now in late January, I have 4 healthy thriving hives of fat, happy, winter, honey bees. One of my hives is sooo large, I should have split it several more times!! In general, they were easy to work with, built up fast, and were not quick to swarm, nor to rob each other out either. Greg Burns, the owner is easy to work with, very professional and friendly. I highly recommend the bees from Nature’s Image Farm and would purchase from them again, if needed.

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