Our Journey

After living in the city and away from our roots, we packed up our family and moved out to begin living a more resilient, homesteading life on the land. Our mission is to teach and learn meaningful life skills alongside our 7 children and to continue the tradition of passing down the old ways.

Beekeeping was a natural fit with this kind of lifestyle and as a family we’ve grown our beekeeping passion into a business where we provide high quality Bees to keepers across the country. We are passionate about helping folks get off to a good start thru mentoring, teaching and passing down the old time ways of beekeeping.

We believe that Nature is the best teacher. Farming in Nature’s Image allows us to care for the land and ourselves in a sustainable manner for generations to come. We hope you’ll join us in this journey in living a simple life full of Joy and Happiness.

-Greg & Susan Burns

See what people are saying about us!

  • In regards to the pork……. wow! It redefines how good a slab of bacon can be. The breakfast sausages, the brats, and the Italian sausage, carry so much flavor. My wife wasn’t a fan of red meat, so 1 year ago we bought a half a hog. This year she okayed a full hog without a second thought. The quality is so far above what’s available in most stores and these hogs are being fed proper food, and being allowed to forage for food as well like they would in the wild. As a result the meat is more flavorful and we know what we are feeding our family. Thanks Natures Image Farm!

  • Hey, This Michael Jordan of A Bee Friendly Company, Inc out of Cheyenne, WY. I wanted to tell you about Nature’s Image Farm. Greg Burns and his family Had me out to their farm For Hogtoberfest, and It has become one of the best times of my life. His Farm is working Farm, Not some dude ranch. The turkeys, chickens come right up to great you. The friendly hospitality is like you never left home. I was able to learn so many skills at Nature’s Image Farm that would have taken me weeks to do at most places. His class on The Taking Of The Hog was one that showed not only reverence, but old school practice that one could have only learned from living this fine life style. The people that he invites to his place only make the farm like a small village. With food and drink, song and Dance, it was a party that made you want to move…. move home to Nature’s Image Farm. I will be back to this farm, enjoying the Burns Family and the Lumbersquatch life style that was shown to me. Nature’s Image Farm….a place where the Lumbersquastch call home.

  • I am privileged to have discovered Nature’s Image Farm. Greg and his family have an amazing farm and are running it in the image of nature as their name appropriately illustrates. We all know that it is better to manage animals in a natural setting with access to healthier food. This is seriously lacking in today’s world. Few farms are operating in scale with nature and are instead packing as many animals into small of a space as possible while feeding poor quality cheep feed. The big surprise came when we tasted the quality of meat and eggs that are produced by such a system. It is absolutely the best quality taste and nutrition you can get! It is truly Beyond Organic and worth every penny!