The Bees Are Back In Town!

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3lb Package Bees


3lb Package Bees directly from Don “The Fat Bee Man”.

Gentle Bees, Diverse Genetics. Late April 2020.


Queen Bee


Fat Bee Man Queen. Gentle, Diversified, Ohio Overwintered Genetics. Taking orders for 2020.

5 Frame Ohio Nuc


5 Frame Nuc of Ohio Adapted “Fat Bee Man” Genetics.

Order Now for 2020


5 Frame Nuc


5 Frame Nuc-“Fat Bee Man” Bees.

Gentle, Diverse, Prolific.

Taking Orders for 2020.


Feeder Plugs


2″ Plug for Bucket Feeder Lids. Free Shipping.

Coffee Mug


Support the Podcast and get a mug! Free Shipping

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