Homestead Tree Bundle

Homestead Tree Bundle


If your looking to grow food, not lawns this is the bundle for you! Whether your working with a backyard or small homestead we’ve included a fruit and medicinal cocktail to help encourage you to start growing your own fruit and medicine. Just think of all jams, jellies, hooch, poultices, tinctures and salves you could craft from your own homegrown, backyard abundance!

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2-Antonovka Apple Shipped as bare root seedling 6-12″

2-American Plum – Shipped as bare root seedling 12-18″

2-Bartlett Pear -Shipped as bare root seedling 1/4” diameter

1-Elderberry – Shipped as bare root seedling 3-6”

1-Mulberry – Shipped as bare root seedling 12-18”

1-Serviceberry – Shipped as bare root seedling 12-18”

1-Rugusa Rose – Shipped as bare root seedling 6-12”

6-Comfrey Cutting (Bocking 4)

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