Farmstead Tree Bundle

Farmstead Tree Bundle


We’ve put together a bundle with food, fiber and fuel crops in mind. Are you interested in developing a fruit and nut orchard with an abundant under story of medicinals while also growing high value timber? Are you interested in making jams, jellies or turning fruit into hooch? How about growing nutrient dense nuts? How about growing your own medicinals for poultices, tinctures and salves? If so, this is the bundle for you!

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2-Paw Paw

2-Seaberry – Shipped as bare root seedling 12-18”

2-Butternut – Shipped as bare root seedling 6-12”

2-American Chestnut –  Shipped as bare root seedling 6-12”

4-Antonovka Apple Shipped as bare root seedling 6-12″

2-American Plum Shipped as bare root seedling 12-18”

4-Bartlett Pear  Shipped as bare root seedling 1/4” diameter

2-Elderberry – Shipped as bare root seedling 3-6”

2-Serviceberry – Shipped as bare root seedling 12-18”

2-Mulberry – Shipped as bare root seedling 12-18”

12-Comfrey Cuttings (Bocking 4)

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