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Queen Bee


Gentle, Prolific, Fat Bee Man Italian Mutt Genetics.ย 

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3 Queen minimum to ship. Price includes shipping. Orders ship out in the order they are received. We will start shipping queens as soon as mother nature is agreeable. Queens are also available for local pickup in here in Zanesville, OH. Select between local pick up or ship. We guarantee to deliver healthy, laying queens to the shipping carrier. While we make every effort possible to ensure live delivery, we are not responsible for loss as a result of shipping. In the unlikely event that a loss occurs, it is the recipients responsibility to file a claim with the carrier for a refund.


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  1. Shawn Brown

    I bought one of these beauties last year and could not be any happier! She is a super layer with an amazing brood pattern. Very docile and easy to work with offspring. Highly recommend!!!

  2. Dan B

    I got queens from Natures Image last year to expand my bee yard mid summer, not only were they prolific layers with solid brood patterns. I was able to pull of honey the same fall. So far with over winter success Iโ€™m looking at 12 of 12 hives coming out of winter with extremely strong hives ready to catch the spring flow. We definitely will be getting more queens this year from Greg!!

  3. Rob

    So in 2019, I was working for a young lady named Carie Underwood. We had a show in Cincinnati and then heading to Pittsburgh. I made a pitstop in Zanesville at the Contrary Farmstead to pick up a queen from Greg and made a quick detour to my home in Northeast Ohio so I could introduce the new queen. I am amazed by how well she overwintered her hive this season. As of March 11th, we have a strong hive coming into spring. I can’t wait to split this one!

  4. Jason Powell

    Wow !! You cant go wrong with Greg or his queens. I got 2 last yr and they are laying great,full frames,very gental,calm bees. I cant wait to get a few more of them lovely ladies. The best part,Greg is one of the GOOD GUYS.

  5. D D Davis

    I want to thank you for the queens I ordered off of you last year. They took off like wild fire and done a fine job. With that being said I would like to get two more of your Ohio raised queens in a attempt to increase my bee yard. Thanks for the BEES my friend. D D DAVIS ! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

  6. John Grant

    I ordered a few queens from Greg last year. The service was amazing and they were great quality queens .I would recommend nature’s Image farm to anyone that is looking for outstanding queens.

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