5 Frame Nucs

5 Frame Nucs


5 Frame Nuc of Small Cell Bees from Don “The Fat Bee Man” stock.

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5 Frame Nuc directly from Don “The Fat Bee Man” stock with laying, unmarked queen.

Nucs will consist of 5 frames of having bees, unmarked laying queen, brood, pollen and honey in a wood box. The wood box will consist of 1 ventilated box with entrance dial, solid bottom board, migratory lid with vent hole/syrup jar hole. Once you get the box home just turn the entrance dial and add a syrup jar on top and your ready to go! Please specify medium or deep frame box.

Delivering 5/5-5/7.  Below is the current projected delivery route. Customers must be flexible and able to meet at drop locations along the below route. Specific drop locations to be determined once orders are received. Further details and updates will be provided as they become available.

2019 Nuc Delivery Route

75N from Atlanta, GA->Chattanooga, TN->Knoxville, TN->Lexington, KY

75N Lexington, KY to Cincinnati, OH

71N from Cincinnati, OH to Columbus, OH

33NFrom Columbus, OH to Lima, OH

75N From Lima, OH to Toledo, OH

80E From Toledo, OH to Cleveland, OH

76E From Cleveland, OH to Pittsburgh, PA

76 E From Pittsburgh, PA to Harrisburg, PA

70W From Harrisburg, PA to Zanesville, OH

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5 Frame Medium, 5 Frame Deep


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