We love sharing our beekeeping and homesteading journey! Podcasting gives us an opportunity to share our experience while we strive to BE THE CHANGE, BE THE LIGHTHOUSE & KEEP IT CONTRARY. Clink the podcast episode links below, get to know us better and learn WHY we do what we do!

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  • ZOOM CHAT- Sawmill, Homeschool, Dairy Cows, Pigs and Bees! November 22, 2020
    Today we're talking with friends and farmers about: Homeschooling, Sawmilling, Dairy Cows, Pigs and Bees! *Sawmilling & Homeschooling w/ The Burns https://www.facebook.com/groups/22360... *Dairy Cows w/ Steve Hedrick https://www.facebook.com/moundviewfarm *Bees w/ Mark Smith & Tim Mccandless https://www.facebook.com/flatwoodsbee... https://www.facebook.com/The-Mccandle... Pigs w/ Kate Osgood https://www.facebook.com/birchrisefarm Visit us on the web! http://www.naturesimagefarm.com
  • Episode 11: Simply Complicated w Tom & Julie Domres April 13, 2020
    Finding balance in life can be tricky sometimes. Even a simple life can be extrodinarily complicated. How can we support eachother when our passions, goals and dreams don't neccessarily align with our spouses? How do we help our partner grow and fullfill their calling? Join us as we learn, do, grow and be a little […]
  • Pulling Irons From The Fire November 11, 2019
    Sometimes you gotta pull irons from the fire to focus on the flame. To focus on burning desires...like to be critterless for a winter:) Or to make good on promises you've made to your kids and to keep that good, good cornbread lovin comin hot out the oven! For real though, how many irons can […]
  • LIVE SHOW-Pigs, Bees, House Update & The New RK Tractor September 17, 2019
    Facebook Live episode where we're talking about this years PIGS, how we've neglected the BEES, progress on the HOME addition and the new TRACTOR!
  • Making REAL Change w/ Mark Shepard August 24, 2019
    Join us for a conversation with THE Contrary Farmer himself, Mark Shepard. Mark sheds light into the previous biodynamic and back to land movements and how thru Innovation and Iteration, REAL change in this world is made. For all things Mark Shepard: Order his book: https://www.acresusa.com/products/restoration-agriculture Check out his website and upcoming workshops/events: https://newforestfarm.us Order […]
  • Wouldn't, Couldn't & Can't: Life Lessons Learned From The Fat Bee Man June 7, 2019
    Learn from The Fat Bee Man in his yard affords opportunities to mot only be a better beekeeper, but a better you too. Join us as we dive into what its like learning hands from Don and how impactful folks like him and Mark Shepard have been in our life. Join us 8/2-8/4 in New […]
  • Spring Things & The Year Of Compromise May 17, 2019
    Today we're talking about Garden and Beeyard updates and how we're learning to accept compromise with things we want to do around the farmstead in an effort to put the time and money into the things that need it the most.
  • Comfrey, Turkey Butchering & Community For Real April 12, 2019
    Today were talking about natures most amazing and controversial healing plant, Comfrey! We also talk Turkey, our favorite way to package and dig into the evolution of building community, The Ohio GSD Crew and Community For real.
  • Bees, Trees & Bacon Seeds March 29, 2019
    Today we're taling about how bees fit into our context and how important they are to us on SO many levels. We discuss some of the hard lessons learned that have resulted in us starting over in the orchard. We're makin bacon while putting the pigs to work!
  • The OverAmbitious Farmstead March 14, 2019
    Over ambitiousness results in casualty...Whether its mental, physical or financial the impact of biting off more than you can chew isn't without consequence. Context and scale is key. Join us as we dive into our struggle large family style...
  • Kids, Keto & KonMari March 1, 2019
    Today we're talking about goat Kids, how the Keto diet is impacting our lifestyle and how we're tidying up the homestead with the KonMari method.
  • Welcome To The Contrary Farmstead February 27, 2019
    Welcome to the Farmstead! We're glad you're here. Pull up a chair and rest your heels...lets talk, large family living on the homestead!!

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  • 20. The Hive Life Conference 2021
    In this episode we recap our trip to TN for the Hive Life Conference hosted by Kamon Reynolds. We break our experience down day by day learning from Randy Oliver, Kamon Reynolds, Bob Binnie, Ian Steppler and Kent Williams with all the expected shenanigans! We're in good company on this episode with fellow Ohio beekeeper […]
  • 19. Summer Update, Fall BURNOUT, Winter Prep
    Join us for a round table discussion where we dive deep into summer production, getting burned out and what we're doing to get ready for winter. We're rejoined by the one and only Dusty The Meme King Thompson and fellow beekeeper extraordinaire, Baby Face Shawn Brown. Looking for package bees, Ohio Nucs or Ohio Queens? […]
  • 18. A Year In The Beeyard
    What does a year in the beeyard look like for 3 different beekeepers in Ohio? Join us for a month to month snapshot! Looking for package bees, Ohio Nucs or Ohio Queens? http://www.naturesimagefarm.com/shop/ Bucket Feeder Video: https://youtu.be/_xu74Lc16N4 Follow Greg over at: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc0EjhHqEXi79zOsXDIIPDw FB: https://www.facebook.com/naturesimagefarm/ Be sure to check out Dan's Farm at: https://www.facebook.com/RedDogRanchOhio/ Dont […]
  • 17. Spring Update, Summer Goals for 2020
    Join us for a conversation about our unique overwintering aproaches and what are goals are for the coming 2020 season! Greg, Dan amd Jimbo live in different parts of Ohio and each have unique managment styles, goals and taste in smooth jazz. If your looking for package bees, Ohio Nucs or Ohio Queens be sure […]
  • 16. The Q&A Show with Dustin Thompson
    There's nothing the Contray Beekeepers enjoy more than to sit around cracking bad jokes and answering questions! If your looking for package bees, Ohio Nucs or Ohio Queens be sure to get your orders in at http://www.naturesimagefarm.com/shop/ Follow Greg over at: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc0EjhHqEXi79zOsXDIIPDw FB: https://www.facebook.com/naturesimagefarm/ Be sure to check out Dan's Farm at: https://www.facebook.com/RedDogRanchOhio/ Dont […]
  • 15. Busy Lives, Neglected Hives
    Life gets busy. Sometimes our bees aren't the highest priority and get neglected as a result. Swarming, absconding, drowning, cross combing, devoured by small hive beetle...the list goes on and on. Join us for an honest Fall update from 3 different Ohio beekeepers.
  • 14. Winter Is Coming
    Golden Rod is coming on and the season is starting to feel like it's coming to close. Greg and Dan discuss box configurations, pail feeders, late splits and getting ready for winter. How to build a bucket feeder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xu74Lc16N4&t=1s
  • 13. Spring Update, Summer Goals
    Join us for the spring update show as we discuss coming out of the winter, spring growth and summer goals. How to build a bucket feeder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xu74Lc16N4&t=461s
  • 12. Greg & Dan's EXCELLENT Adventure
    Join on us for a road trip thru 9 states and 4 trucks to deliver 1 MILLION Fat Bee Man Bees! It was a heckuva ride with tales of woe, BBQ and a broken down Chevrolet...it's a mighty hard living but a damn good feeling to run these roads.
  • 11. Chemical Free with Mark Smith
    Today we're talking with Contrary Beekeeper, Mark Smith of Flatwoods Bee Farm in Locust, NC. Mark has a unique approach to beekeeping that transcends commonly misunderstood disciplines. We dig deep with open and honest conversation and even go down a rabbit hole or two.
  • 10. Hive Basics-The Life Cycle Of the Honey Bee
    One of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of beekeeping is what actually goes on inside the hive. Its an incredibly fascinating world inside the hive. From feeding babies to taking out the trash, every honey bee has a specific job to do inside the hive and those jobs change as the bees mature. Join […]
  • 9. The Hive Mind with Shawn Brown
    Today were joined by Shawn Brown. Shawn is a family man, farmer and orchardist. Shawn has a unique connection with the bees and has had many hard lessons learned over the years. As his management methods have evolved, his relationship with the bees has blossomed into something beautifully beyond words...understood only by those who share […]
  • 8. Making Beekeeping Great Again with Jim Collins
    Jim Collins is a Contrary beekeeper who follows his heart on his beekeeping journey. Jim has experimented with non-conventional methods of beekeeping and shares his experience in this episode.
  • 7. Treatment Free & My Dead Bees
    TREAT OR NOT TO TREAT? Some lessons are learned the hard way. Join us for a prior conversation where we question our pest management practice and talk about our experience with Treatment Free Beekeeping. BEES FOR SALE!!Greg is bringing up bees from Don The Fat Bee Man!!To order package bees and nucs visit http://www.naturesimagefarm.com/product-category/bees/
  • 6. Winter Update & Bees For Sale
    BEES FOR SALE!!Greg is bringing up bees from Don The Fat Bee Man!!To order package bees and nucs visit http://www.naturesimagefarm.com/product-category/bees/
  • 5. Hive Basics-Hive Equipment & Tools
    There is an almost ridiculuous variety of beekeeping equipment and tools out there, especially if your looking thru the beekeeping magazines. Big surprise, you DONT need it all! Today we're talking about the simple tools and equipment we use and discuss some of the tools and equipment that didnt work for us.
  • 4. Mid Summer Update, Checking & Treating for Mites
    Today were talking about: -Checking and Treating for Mites -Mid Summer Beeyard Update
  • 3. Fear, Splits & Don The Fat Bee Man
    Today we are talking about... -Facing our fears -Making splits to grow the bee yard -The importance of finding a mentor -Visit to see Don The Fat Bee Man
  • 2. Hive Basics-Installing Packages & Nucs
    Today we are talking about Hive Basics... -How we install Packages and Nucs -How we get the bees off to a good start
  • 1. Beeyard Setup, Management & Goals
    Today were talking about... -Our bee yard setups, -What kind of bees we keep -Type of hives we run