Homestead How To

Pastured Pig Water Setup

Here’s a look at how we gravity feed fresh, clean water on demand to our pigs using IBC water totes and a homemade nipple manifold. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Hoop Hut Chicken Brooder

Here’s a look at how we use a hoop hut to brood chicks using passive solar and a heat lamp when needed. Theres nothing worse than a stinky, messy brooder. Brooding in a hoop hut like this has been so awesome in getting chicks off to a great start.

Loading Pigs

Loading pigs can be flat out terrible. Here’s how we take all the stress out of loading. We try to work smarter not harder whenever possible. Why load pigs when they can load themselves!

Pastured Pigs Winter Waterer

Keeping water from freezing is the bane of every homesteaders existence. We’ve came up with a way using passive solar to keep water from freezing all the way down to 22F. Keeping livestock, especially pigs hydrated is crucial. We hope this video helps!

Chicken Butchering

We’re live at the farmstead butchering chickens. Take a look at our butchering rig. Many hands make light work!

How to Mix Bee Feed/Sugar Syrup

Here’s how we mix up a sugar syrup with essential oils to help promote spring comb building and hive health.

Smokehouse Ham

Here’s a look at how to cure and smoke a country ham the Old Time way using NO NITRITES and a hillside smokehouse.

Homestead Hog Butchery

Here’s a time lapse look of how we butcher homestead raised pork.

Turkeys, Chickens and Sheep Oh My!

Day ranging turkeys, chickens and sheep in the same paddock never was more beautiful!